Discover innovative solutions to help you improve reliability, involve stakeholders and maximize data value!

The pace of change in the electricity industry has increased at a rapid rate and continues to do so. Engage with your peers to source approaches to the challenges of the industry together. Exchange ideas for improvement and learn from your industry peers to increase efficiency, adaptability and reliability.

Discuss specialized issues in one of our three tracks: grid integration, customer engagement and data analytics. Capitalize on the opportunity to bring your concerns before the forum to receive feedback from fresh sets of eyes. Bring your whole team to scale up the benefits of collective problem solving!

Engage in some out-of-the-box thinking to reshape your business models and lead the electricity grid into the future.

To find out what the power of collaboration can do for you, register for this conference!

TAKE AWAY 12 key insights across your company to:

  1. Unlock the potential of smart technology
  2. Manage knowledge and address the demographic shift in consumers and stakeholders
  3. Implement storm hardening strategies that reduce outage times and costs
  4. Integrate renewable resources, micro grids and storage technology
  5. Future-proof your investments
  6. Protect your grid and your consumers
  7. Engage your consumer through behavioral mechanisms
  8. Customize your communication with small and medium sized enterprises
  9. Educate your consumers on energy pricing and efficiency
  10. Enhance your situational awareness through data analytics
  11. Improve your business intelligence capacity through systems integration
  12. Build a business case to reflect the return of analytics investments

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