New Tech Insight: Learn what Utility Professionals think of Storage Technology’s Future

A hot topic right now for Utilities is the advent of storage technology. Storage has the capability of changing the energy game as we know it. In the final edition of the speaker e-book, leading utility professionals discuss what they think of the new technology and how they believe it will benefit the utilities landscape.

Take away insights on:

  • Weighing storage technology against its operating costs, safety & regulation
  • Decentralizing energy sources, smoothing peaks & improving system management.
  • Proactively dealing with grid outages.
  • Offsetting the variability of renewable resources.
  • Balancing grid in real-time through demand response & ancillary services.


Download part four of this 4-part speaker e-book and ensure you are aware & ahead of the changes to be brought on by storage technology.

Discover How Utility Leaders are Using Data Analytics to Transform their Services

In part 3 of this e-Book, summit speakers reveal how they’re using data analytics to transform their businesses from customer engagement to operational efficiency & decision-making. Discover why data analytics is the leading tool for utilities today and into the future.

Take away insights on:

  • Data sources, extraction, statistical models & data governance.
  • Using data to build customer loyalty.
  • Allowing data to facilitate customer benchmarking.
  • Using data to gain intelligence & create a self-healing grid.
  • Applying data analytics for social media & response analysis.


Download part three of this 4-part speaker e-book and make sure your data analytics capabilities are on par with industry leaders.

Utility Leaders Discuss How-To Increase Customer Engagement in Your Utility & Lowering Energy Consumption

In the second part of this speaker e-Book, presenters were asked their advice on better engaging energy consumers and involving them in lowering their energy consumption. Learn what type of communication systems utilities are using, plus the sort of education programs in development. Discover the implications this outlook has on the utility business model.

Take away insights on:

  • Energy Efficiency Incentives.
  • Providing easily accessible data.
  • Engagement via community events & business workshops.
  • Creating an energy education.
  • Leveraging customer segmentation analysis to better communicate with customers.


Download part two of this 4-part speaker e-book and make sure your customers are engaged and educated.

11 Utility Leaders Reveal their Insights on the Present & Future Utilities Business Model

In our first edition of the Future of Utilities Speaker e-Book, we asked our presenters about the most important & noticeable changes in the utilities business model of today. Find out what they struggle with, what they’re excited for and what has impacted their organizations the most.

Take away insights on:

  • Moving from a Centralized to a Decentralized model.
  • Supporting more engaged and educated consumers.
  • The advent of net metering.
  • Adjusting the grid for in-home storage.
  • Moving from a commodity sales approach to a competitive specialized product sales approach.
  • The introduction of Revenue Decoupling.


Download part one of this 4-part speaker e-book and ensure your business structure is up-to-date and performing alongside industry leaders.

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